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Friends of Vale Park

On Sunday 4th June the Friends of Vale Park group held a 'Picnic in the Park', funded by a grant from Portslade Community Forum...
Whilst less ambitious than the Marafun events of yester year there was still a goodly turnout of residents to enjoy the summer sun as witness by the pictures below.
The group have thier own page on Facebook which can be viewed by clicking on THIS LINK.
The group have their own website which can be viewed by clicking on THIS LINK
Here's early news about their DOG SHOW! With the help of Coastway Vets, who are planning to parade your pooches at the first ever "Scruffs' on Sunday August 27th afternoon. Get pampering now.

Vale Park 1
Vale park 2
Vale Park 3
Vale park 4
Vale Park 5
Vale Park 6