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  Although the Portslade Community Forum is a non-political group, we thought it might be useful to include links to the Brighton & Hove Council website of your local Councillors, the areas they represent, and how they may be contacted. It would have been more convenient if Old Shoreham Rd. marked the boundary between the two Wards, but unfortunately it doesn't, and a large part of the area north of the A270 falls within the Ward of South Portslade.
  Cllr. Les Hamilton defines the division as being.
"The Ward boundary is as follows. Start at the Southwick boundary, along the middle of Mile Oak Gardens. Down the track at the back of High Close down to Valley Road. Along the middle of Drove Road, along the middle of the e-w section of Foredown Road. cross Mill Lane, down Hangleton Lane and turn left at the bottom into Fox Way"

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